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A Brief Tangent

October 24, 2007

I would like to get temporarily sidetracked. The straight road is often not always the best road, at least not when the journey matters at least as much as the destination. Basho often took sidetracks, and they often provided some of the highlights of his journeys. Wandering off track gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about the country that you are travelling through; that’s precisely the sort of sidetrack we’re about to take.

We’ve spent some time contemplating and discussing the intricacies of the infinite. We started off with a very natural abstraction, and quickly got lead into a mire of technicality and complexity. With a little work we came through unscathed and ended up with a new appreciation for the unfolding beauty and complexity that we were lead to. All of that, however, was a matter of “head in the clouds” contemplation as to what it truly meant to be infinite, and what the continuum actually was. Now that we have that understanding it is time to wander off the path and explore the countryside that such understanding begins to open up for us.